Blocks Bakery

Blocks Bakery plugin is a great addon if you are designing a website using Gutenberg. Blocks Bakery offers you a set of blocks for your default WordPress editor. This helps save time and one can create visually appealing pages without writing a line of code. These advanced and powerful blocks with minor changes in comparison to the existing blocks are super handy. Make your website designing process hassle-free with Blocks.

Follow the steps below to install Blocks Bakery and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.
3. Activate Your plugin.
4. Enter license key and you are ready to use Blocks Bakery.


After publishing a page, on the left-hand side, the option to add new blocks is available. Scroll to the bottom and you will find blocks offered by Blocks Bakery. Let us take a look at how the different blocks work.
1. Advance Heading
With advanced heading, you can style your headings in a trendy way. Add separator and subheadings with ample styling options available.
2. Star Rating
You can play around with the sizing, spacing, color, and add star ratings to your products or services.
3. Section
The section block is one of the most versatile one. If you want to add multiple blocks in between and style them individually you just hit the right plugin. You can also add a lot of styling to the section as a whole by adding a solid or gradient background or applying subtle box-shadow.
4. Advance Button
Advance Button block allows you to create buttons with versatility. Add button background or shadow, change font and go creative
5. Counter
Number counter is a great way of adding a section highlighting the number of clients, years of experience, or the number of awards won. Styling options are similar to other Blocks Bakery blocks.
6. Google Maps
A map is one of the most important features of websites. Add a map and style it accordingly.
7. Icon
Icon blocks provide flexibility to style icons in numerous ways. A great set of icon options are available when it comes to icon block. Take inspiration from the example given above.
8. Icon List
Create a list using the icon list block. List features or benefits using this block and save your time.
9. Icon box
Icon box has an icon, heading, and description. Instead of adding multiple blocks, you can add multiple things using a single block.
10. Image
Image block apart from adding an image gives you a large number of styling options. You can add a border or shadow and make your image stand out.
11. Image Box
Just like you can add heading and description to an icon, the image box gives you the facility to add the same for an image.
12. Divider
Numerous ways to design your sections by adding dividers. From solid to dotted, dashed to wavy, arrows to zig-zag. Check out the options available and experiment.
13. Spacer
Spacer adds space between sections or blocks and separates them.

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