Divi Form DB

Divi Form DB is a great plugin to manage your form submission hassle free. As soon as you login into the website you have your submissions reminder and it stores all information in your WordPress database. You can also convert submission into any post type and use it in multiple ways. You can also export data and store it for offline use too.
Follow below the steps to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.

3. Activate plugin and you are ready to use.

Form Set – Up

Create a form in the contact page or testimonial section to collect information from the visitors.

Once the DB plugin is installed it will start working automatically.

Any new entry would automatically reflect on the dashboard.

You can either click on the view submission from the dashboard or select Divi DB from Sidebar to view all the submissions.

Divi DB – Submissions

You can see the e-mail from which the response has been sent. Read/Unread status is also present. It also provides you with the information as to who read the submission and records date and time of the same. Cloned refers to whether this submission has been used to clone any post or not. Submitted-On tells you about the source of submission and last column stores date and time of the submission.

View Submission

The detailed information about the submission can be viewed here. If you click on the email address or Reply via email button a new mail will be created with the submitter’s email pre-filled.

Extra information will take you to the page where the submission has been made.

Copy to Another Post Type

You can select any custom post type you want to create using the submission. Enter the field details. Tick the checkbox if you want to keep the original date of submission and copy to create a new post.


In order to export you can simply click on export and create a csv file which is acceptable on most applications and export to your spreadsheets, database or others.

Admin Nag

If you want to remove the notice which displays, ‘you have a contact submission to review’ you can simply disable it here by ticking.


The last setting is for licensing purpose.

For more information visit, https://wppluginsplus.com/