Divi Layout Injector

Divi Layout Injector is a spectacular plugin that allows you to inject layouts at various positions on your page: ‘pre-header’, ‘pre-content’, ‘post-content’, ‘pre-footer’ areas. This plugin also allows you to customize your 404 Page Layout by over-riding the default page. Even if you want to replace an already existing global content and place it somewhere else then this plugin works perfect.

Follow below the steps to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.

2. Select Add New.

3. Click Choose file and navigate to the plugin file on your computer and select it.

4. Click install and wait for the plugin to upload.

5. Enter the license key you’ve received and you are ready to go.

404 Layout

You can create a layout in Divi Library or A page and assign it for your 404 page. If the visitor goes to any page on the site which does not exist then it will by default show you the layout you have assigned here in the 404 Layout setting.


You can design layouts using the page builder and inject them in the areas mentioned above. If you want a global header you can set it here as well and that would appear globally throughout the site.

Pre Header Layout

You can create a layout with your desired content in the divi library and assign it here. Do not forget to disable the Fixed Navigation setting from Divi Theme Options or else the content will not show as required.
You can also control where the layout will show. If you leave the boxes empty it will appear everywhere.

Pre Content Layout

The Pre-Content Layout allows you add any content before the actual content of your page. The content can be of any sort and can appear globally or pages you want.
This is how it somewhat appears.

Post Menu Layout

Post Content Layout

The post content layout appears just above the Footer.

Pre Footer Layout


This All in One Plugin also allows you to edit the footer part without any coding.

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