Divi Menu Module

Divi Menu Module provides you with the flexibility of adding full width Menu and styling it in numerous ways. Add Vertical or horizontal menus anywhere you want along with the burger menu in the responsive. Therefore, Menu Module is of great use for the Divi Users.

Follow below the steps to install the Divi Menu Module and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.

3. Click Choose file and navigate to the plugin file on your computer and select it.
4. Click install and wait for the plugin to upload.
5. Activate Plugin and enjoy using Divi Menu Module.


The WA Menu module can be added just like other Divi modules and the settings are more or less similar to other modules.


The Content section gives you options to add Menu and also set its Mode to vertical or horizontal. Settings for text colour, Menu Background, adding links can also be done from here.


The main settings let’s you set active link colour, dropdown menu text & background colour, mobile menu text & background colour, drop down menu animation. With Menu Text you can change fonts, text size, etc.

Sizing and Spacing includes margin and padding. Border & Box Shadow can be added from here too. You can transform your module and also add animation.


The Advanced Settings allows you to add any custom code if required. Visibility, transitions, position, scroll effects are also some of the options available.



For more information visit https://wppluginsplus.com