Divi Pop Up Module

Sometimes you visit a Web Page and an image, video or form pops up with a click, scroll or just when you are about to exit. This is what a Pop-Up is and it is used to draw the attention of the visitors or highlight special offers or discounts.
Follow below the steps to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.

3. Click Install Now and activate plugin.
4. Divi Pop Up Module is ready to use.

Select Pop Up Builder from the Modules dialog box.

Pop Up Source

Pop Up Source refers to the method of display whether the Pop Up will be a video or image, a layout or an iframe

Trigger Type

Trigger Type refers to the mode of display as in what will cause the pop up display, button, image, scroll delay, page load, class/id, etc.

Trigger Button – The button trigger type gives you options to edit text appearing on the button, its alignment and background colour.

Trigger Image – Choose an image or enter the URL of the desired image.

Class/ID – Enter the class or id of any module you want to pop here.

Blur ID- On entering a form field, that field has “focus”, as soon as they click away from that field it loses focus, or blurs – this will then trigger the popup. Enter the CSS class or ID in this box to choose which field or input element works as the trigger.

Scroll Delay – Scroll delay means how far the user have scrolled for the pop up to trigger.

Exit – This will appear when the user intends to leave the page.

At Page Load – Enter the delay you want for the Pop Up just after the page is loaded.

Pop Up Size, duration and style of the display can be set from the content settings.

Other styling options are available in the design settings similar to other divi modules.
Here is the list of the advanced settings.

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