Divi Slide In

Divi Slide In works wonder when it comes to displaying additional information in a stylish way. Slide Ins can be inserted from anywhere – top, bottom, left, right. If you have too much information on a page and you don’t want your page to look clumsy, slide in comes to rescue.

Slide In is popularly used to display maps, contact forms, terms and conditions, etc.

Follow below the steps to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New

3. Activate Your license and you are ready to use slide ins.

You can see slide in option in the Dashboard sidebar :

Click on Slide In and you’ll get option to create a slide in. You can create as many slide ins you want for different pages.
You can design you slide in using the standard editor or Divi –

Slide In Settings

Location – You can fix the location from where the slide will appear.

Slide Width & Height –  Whether you want your slide to cover half of your screen or less, you have full control.

Here are other settings :

Trigger Tab Settings

Trigger is referred to the item that causes the slide to appear. You can change its title, fonts, size, colours, background, location and more.

Visibility Settings

This setting allows you to specify pages/posts/projects where you want your slide to appear.

Responsive Settings

Responsive settings are also available making the plugin more flexible. You can either hide the slide in smaller screens or reduce slide width.


Slide In Example

Similarly, you can design any slide in you desire and make your website look great.
You can have multiple slide ins on a page.

For more information visit https://wppluginsplus.com/