Divi Sorted is a plugin built for Divi users in order to customize any blog page, shop page, project and custom post types. This plugin provides content, filtering and styling elements which makes it easy for Users to create customized layouts.

If you are looking forward to install Divi Sorted Plugin follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Plugins in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Select Add New.
  • Click Choose File and navigate to the plugin file on your computer and select it.
  • Click Install Now and wait for the plugin to upload.

To Activate Your License:

  • Go to Plugins in the dashboard menu.
  • Select Divi Sorted.
  • Enter your license key.
  • Select Activate License.
Divi Sorted is now ready to use in your Divi posts and pages.

The Divi Sorted Setting box contains three divisions :

  • Content
  • Designed
  • Advanced


The Content Section has options like Text, Elements, Background and Admin Label.
  • Text
Post Type gives you option to customize a blog page, product page or projects.

Post Count allows you to set the number of posts that will be visible on the page.
Number of Columns helps you to fix the number of columns ranging from 2 to 6.
Content Show allows you to set whether you want to display full content or an excerpt.

You can also specify the number of words from Excerpt Length.

Sorting Options helps viewers to sort the posts based on Title, Date: Oldest to Newest, Date: Newest to Oldest.

In the Product Page, one can sort based on Title, Popularity, Price & Date.

Layout Mode : Fit rows allows gap between the columns whereas the Masonry mode displays the columns side by side without any gap.

You can set the content that will be displayed for Sorting Labels, Categories, Read More Button, Add to Cart Text, Added to Cart Text.

One Can fix from Elements section whether they want Filter by Category Label turned on or off. Similarly, sorting by title, display of featured image, read more button, author, date , categories, comments, excerpt, pagination can be customized from here.

You can add color and image using the background tools.

Admin Label


Design Segment is used to design the content which includes layout settings, text, button, sizing, spacing, border, box-shadow and transformation. Let us look at them minutely.
Layouts are of two types grid and fullwidth. Fullwidth displays a single post or product whereas the grid option displays multiple posts/products in a single row.
The Design settings for Title Text, Body Text, Meta/Price Text, Button, Add to Cart/Added to Cart, Pagination Text are more or less similar and ranges from Font, Style, Alignment, Text Size, Letter Spacing, Line Height, Title Text Shadow, etc.

Sizing option assists you fix, increase or decrease the width and height of the modules.

Spacing is used to , increase or decrease margin and padding.

Border option will allow you to customize border style, its colour, border-width.

Box-Shadow can be designed from here with variations like inner shadow, outer shadow, and its color, position and blur strength can also be customized.

With the Filter option one can adjust hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, Invert, opacity, blur, blend, etc.

Transform will let you rotate, flip or change angles of an image or module as required.

The Advanced Settings will allow you to add custom css in order to target something specifically.
Attributes give you independent control of the button relationship for:

• Filter Button Relationship
• Read More/Add to Cart Button
• Cart Added Button Relationship
• Pagination Button Relationship

Here, you can select settings for each button including:

• bookmark
• external
• nofollow
• noreferrer
• noopener

More Information
For more about Divi Sorted, see the information and examples at the Divi Sorted website.