DIVI Testimonial Carousel/Slider

Inserting single testimonial on a per page basis can be extremely tedious and time consuming. Testimonial Carousel/Slider works wonders and helps creating a slider for all your testimonials and manage all of it centrally. The testimonials can be presented by the loop archive module, you created individual testimonial and then create a slider using the loop archive module.
Follow the steps below to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.

3. Activate Plugin.

Divi Testimonial carousel / slider is ready to use.

You will also need to install the Divi Slick Module in a similar way in order to create the slider.


Click on the testimonial option from the dashboard sidebar. Click on Add New and create testimonials.

Testimonial Item

Create a layout using the Divi Library for the Testimonials.

Slick Loop Archive

On your testimonial Page, using the slick loop archive add your slider. Do not forget to fix a few settings in the slick loop module.
In the loop layout option select the loop layout as the testimonial item you created using Divi Library. Set Post type to Testimonials.
Slides to show will display the number of slides(columns) you want to show on the page.
The arrows and the dots option is also available in the settings section.
This is how your Testimonial Carousel Slider is going to look. You can obviously style it more as per your requirements.

Testimonial Form

You can use Divi Form DB which is another Divi Module to collect all testimonials and other submit forms too. You can use it directly to create a post or a testimonial. Divi Form DB and Testimonial Slider/Carousel works hand in hand.

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