ACF for Divi


Current Version: 4.0.2PHP Version Required : 8.0 +WP Version Required : 6.2 +

Billed once per year until cancelled


ACF for Divi is designed to work with any Divi Builder based site. This could be Divi, Extra or any other site using the excellent page builder provided by Elegant Themes.

a grid of labels and their values
a single field option (best used for images)
a repeater option.

Using this plugin you can utilise the massively popular (with a free version available) Advanced Custom Fields plugin without any coding or shortcodes at all! The modules contain extensive styling options to give your data that personalised look!

This plugin is excellent for use on any site and even better in conjunction with the Divi Theme Builder (Divi 4+) or other plugins such as CPT Injector or Woo Layout Injector.

You can easily create sites for directories, real estate, activities, anything at all where you may want to add custom fields to your content and show it on the front end!


Whilst we want to support every single ACF field type this isn’t always the case as they are being added all the time.

Each new version we release will feature more advanced support for all ACF types and handle different types of output. If you’d like to ask if a field type is supported or request for one to be added do get in touch any time!

Recently added: Added support for the Google Maps, Relationships, Post Object Fields, Link Field and many more!!


* Changelog: * * V1.9 * - Initial versions * * V2.0 * - Added support for url, email and taxonomy fields * * V2.1 * - Abstracted out the field type processing for easier updating * - Added better support for multiple taxonomy fields * * V2.2 * - Fixed responsive text size/line height issues * * V2.3 * - Moved style.css to correct enqueue point * * V2.4 - 6/2/17 * - Tested for empty item before pushing single item module out to screen. * - Removed php notice relating to an undeclared title * * V2.5 - 28/2/17 * - Fixed Image Size optionting to an undeclared title * * V2.6 - 28/2/17 * - Added lightbox gallery functionality from Divi to 'gallery' ACF field type (courtesy of a user code submission) * * V2.7 - 28/2/17 * - Added support for the Google Maps Field * * V2.8 - 5/6/17 * - Fixed default date in acf single module * - Repeater sub fields is_array check to avoid php notices in some situations * * V2.9 - 17/7/17 * - Fixed file type to include the file name and a link to the file * - Fixed cache-buster for the Divi Builder whereby new fields didn't show in the fields list. * * V3.0 - 7/9/17 * - Fixed images used in Repeater module * - Steamlined each module to use toggle classes so you don't need to scroll past the background settings to get to the editable useful fields * - Fixed gallery field layout * - Added licensing/auto update to make upgrading between versions easier * - Added support for the number field * - Added support for User field * - Added support for Page Link field * - Added support for Relationship field * - Added support for Post Object field * - Added support for prepend/append * - Added support for the Datepicker field * - Added setting to allow you to choose whether and where image fields should be linked * - Added helper CSS for single items with bullet point lists present * * V3.1 - 03/11/17 * - Fixed auto update functionality * * V3.2 - 08/11/17 * - Fixed a variety of design settings within ACF table and ACF single item modules * - Removed number format from numeric fields as it was removing decimal places. * * V3.3 - 10/01/18 * - Fixed the repeater field module which was completely broken 🙁 * - Added design options to the repeater field module * - Added support for the new 'link' module which is handy for adding your own title and selecting new window etc * - Fixed issue with Date field whereby an empty date formatted as 1/1/1970 incorrectly * * V3.3.1 - 30/11/18 * - Added button style output to the single module * * V3.4 - 15/08/19 * - Added 'multiples format' option to single and table item modules so that any module that would previously output a bullet list can now output CSV or / delimited data for better formatting * - converted modules to use updated Divi code in preparation for VB conversion * - Added format output option to table item module * - Added number format along with decimal places selector to single and table item modules * - Added before and after options to single and table item mobules so you can easily add things like currency symbols and labels to your ACF tables for better formatting! Even add shortcodes! * - Fixed repeater module not working in certain circumstances * * V3.5 - 03/09/19 * - Fixed Updater code * - VB Support for all modules!! * - Added Title Field to Table module * * V3.6 - 16/01/20 * - Fixed issue with taxonomy code whereby when using a CPT injector loop archive the system didn't look at the posts and instead looked at the taxonomy. Now fixed. * * V3.7 - 19/05/20 * - Fixed output as button code in single module. Was breaking when a link or url field type was used. *

*V3.8 - 30/07/20 * - Name change for consistency/clarity

V4.0 - 17/06/21 - Added visual builder support for All Modules - Fixed styling options for Acf Items Module - Fixed styling options for ACF Repeater Table Module

*V4.0.2 - 09/12/22 * - Added compatibilty with php 8.1.2