Divi/Extra Layout Injector


Fully tested with Divi and Extra (including V3.01+) so you can inject your saved layouts throughout your website. Take a look at this great review on Elegant Themes and see what you can do with this very powerful plugin.

**********Fully Compatible with Visual Builder**********

In short, the original Divi layout Injector lets you use your library layouts at a variety of points on your website (top, bottom, widget etc..) on a global scale. It’s theEssential page builder everywhere for your site!

This game-changing plugin allows you to place saved layouts onto ANY page on your site centrally in a variety of positions on the page. We call them injection points but they relate to ‘pre-header’, ‘post-menu’, ‘pre-content’, ‘post content’ and ‘pre footer’ areas. Creating the layout ONCE only and then using a simple and central admin system to add the new layouts to the site in different “injection points”.

There’s also a default 404 Layout Injector which allows you to customize your 404 pages optionally based on a page (redirect) or just by overriding the 404 layouts directly as well as a great little WYSIWYG footer editor too.

In addition to all of that, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can now use the Divi builder to power Widgets. Simply create a layout and then add the widget to any sidebar and choose your layout to use. Bringing the power of the Divi Builder to sidebars as well!

Each injection point (described above) can be overridden on a per post/page/CPT basis.. eg if you have a map in your pre-footer layout but want to feature a different layout on the contact page with the map elsewhere then this plugin allows you to easily do that! You can even override layouts based on the language of the page!! (Using the Polylang/WPML plugin)

All in one plugin – Incredible!, no coding, no importing of XML files, no conflicts, tested with DIVI 3.01+ And Extra with all the usual plugins and it works like a charm. Watch the video to see how it works. (old video, new functionality added and a better settings page added).