Divi Popup Builder Module

Have you ever wanted to bring attention to something on your webpage?

One of the best ways to grab attention is to use a popup, and this plugin will do exactly that for pretty much ANY content.

Have a visitor click on a video thumbnail and show the video full screen…
Have a discount coupon “appear magically” just as a visitor is about to leave your page…
Interruption Marketing is easy when a visitor simply scrolls down your page…
Show popups to people who visit your page with a special link, but not to everyone else…

There are so many different possibilities with this plugin, if you can design it, you can display it whenever you want.

Your popups can display any of the following content:

Video – YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Text Content – using the standard editor
iFrame – content from any other website
Layout – any Divi layout from the library #

Any of these types of popup content can be displayed using any of the following triggers:

On Page Load (with optional delay in seconds)
Exit Intent – when a user goes to close the browser
Scroll Delay – when the user gets to a certain % down the page
On Blur – when a user clicks out of an input field
CSS Class / ID – using any class or ID from any other page module #

There are 6 different pre-defined popup styles, and each popup on your site can use a different style if you wanted.


Layouts are subject to responsive rules and may look slightly different in terms of widths and spacing on occasion. Width and Height settings are provided but I suggest you test the popup and tune the output using the advanced design settings before releasing pages to the public.

This plugin is based on the wildly popular Colorbox jQuery plugin.



Billed once per year until cancelled