Divi Section Manager


**********Fully Compatible with Classic Builder**********

Imagine being able to so easily convert those flat sections to something a little bit more original. Divi Section Manager allows you to use any of the built in SVG scalable section designs at the click of a single setting.. no CSS, no copying and pasting of code and seamless integration into new and existing content.

What’s so great about this plugin is that you don’t need to add any special new modules or sections, instead just edit an existing module. choose the style you want from the ever growing gallery of examples and press save. You can even edit the size of the divider to give it that more customised look.. bigger triangles, zigzags, clouds, waves, etc.. make the sections on your Divi site really stand out.

Styles Included

Included in the plugin are the following styles. If you have any suggestions or requests please get in touch. Very soon we plan to write some more quirky, icon based dividers for use with various markets (wine glasses for restaurant sites for instance…)

Slant – Left
Slant – Right
Triangle – Small Centered
Triangle – Large
Triangle – Left
Triangle – Right
Waves – Short
Waves – Long
Waves – Shark
Wine Glass
Quick Start
Download the ZIP file bundled with this plugin.
Upload and install plugin as normal
Edit any section using the Divi Page Builder and scroll to the bottom
You will see a means to choose a divider and a size. Simply choose one and hit “update” on the page to save the changes as normal.