Tab Manager for WooCommerce


Current Version: 1.2PHP Version Required : 8.0 +WP Version Required : 6.2 +

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One of the ways to get information across to the customer for WooCommerce products is using the tabs feature. You get three to add content to: Description, Additional Information and Reviews.

However, what if you wanted to enter your own content that doesn’t fit into any of those headings? Maybe there is tab content that you want to add to EVERY product; well now you have to write custom code, or get a developer to do it for you.

Unless you have:

WooCommerce Tab Manager

Allowing you to take full control over your tabs.

With this easy to use plugin you can:

Remove one, two or all of the default tabs that come pre-installed.
Add as many fixed tabs of content as you wish to specific categories of products.
Add as many product specific tabs as you like, and add them to multiple products. You then get to fill content into those tabs on a per product basis.
Only show tabs to administrators whilst testing so you can confirm they work as expected, then with the flick of a switch you can set it live.
Tab logic allows you to specify if a tab is shown to everyone, logged in users or logged out users.
Full control over the order your tabs appear in.

This is a WooCommerce Tab Manager for WordPress product and not specifically a Divi product. The Divi builder Woo Tabs module doesn’t currently allow extra tabs to be added the ‘woo way’ and, until support is added by Elegant Themes, this plugin will only work with Divi when not using the Divi Builder to add the tabs. (IE the normal Woo templating system).


1.1: Dev release 1.2: - Removed content_related for now - Added licensing and auto update - Initial release