Woo Layout Injector

**********Version 6.0 Visual Builder Compatible**********

Woo Layout Injector is by far the most powerful plugin designed for Divi/Extra to give a huge amount of control over your WooCommerce site. It allows you to edit the layout and styling of the WooCommerce single product pages, the shop page, the product category pages, the cart page, the checkout page AND the my account pages. Some of these can be done either centrally or on a per product basis.

The ideal Divi Commerce solution, Woo Layout Injector works on Divi and Extra, neither of which allow any configuration at all unless you are able to code in PHP and CSS. Even a seasoned developer will spend a while getting their WooCommerce layouts just right and to look ‘non-stock’. This plugin facilitates that.

In literally minutes you can create both a shop layout and product page layout and assign them to your site. You can set the layouts centrally via the settings page meaning if you want to change your store at any time then you need only edit one layout. You can also override the layouts by product category or even on a per product basis making this plugin ideal for any type of store. If you want to really fine tune your experience you can tailor make your cart page, checkout page and my account pages. All using the Divi Builder!

To really put the icing on the cake you have a beautiful header mini cart and a whole raft of custom made modules to allow you to design your pages as you see fit!

In short, this plugin adds a number of bespoke and highly configurable custom modules to the Divi Builder and a settings page to link them together. You have the freedom of the Divi Page Builder which we all know and love to construct a variety of layouts to suit your needs!

Using Woo Layout Injector you can create a very flexible and configurable layout for your WooCommerce archives and product category pages. To make this as flexible as possible we create TWO layouts. One that will be used for the archive page itself and another which is repeatedly used for each item (product) in ‘the loop’.

Let’s say we have an archive page showing 9 items in 3 rows of 3 items. We first create a ‘loop item’ template in the Divi library (Divi Library > Add new > Layout (non global)). This will feature normally an image, title, price, read more button etc.. Once that is saved you can create the second layout which will be the archive. This may feature a nice header, the ‘loop archive’ module and then a footer or anything else to suit your design! Within the loop archive module you can select list or grid view. I find that list view works well especially when your ‘loop item’ layout has multiple columns of it’s own or a grid of products.

For a Deeper Dive and full instructions on how to use this plugin once installed – have a look at this great article where you can download a full instructional PDF.

That’s it!

Each time you want to make a change to the layout just visit the Divi Library page and edit your layout as before. No need to relink or anything else. This really is a set and forget plugin that will yield a unique and bespoke looking WooCommerce store without you having to write any code at all 🙂


There are no fewer than custom 37 modules available to you using Woo Injector. Each has a purpose and a place to be used with the bulk of them being universal. Details below:

Checkout Modules

Billing Address
Shipping Address
Checkout Coupon – so you can position the coupon form anywhere you like and style accordingly
Checkout Review – so you can see what you’re about to buy
Checkout Payment – final pay now button and links to the payment processors

Cart modules

Cart products – the cart/basket itself showing a list of products with their quantities and costs
Cart Totals – A table showing the total cost and shipping calculator

Account Modules

Account Page – the account page itself. Used as a container for all of the other accounts.
Account Navigation – the list of links to the account sub pages.
Account Downloads – the Downloads Tab
Account Orders – a list of your orders and receipts
Account Details – your personal information, a profile
Account Addresses – a place to set your default billing and shipping details

General Modules

Content – the product description
Short Content – the shorter product description/excerpt
Read More – a simple button to allow you to create links to your product pages easily
Title – the product title
Shop Category Title – Similar to the title module except that it shows the title of the category page you’re on
Notices – notices such as “Product has been added to your cart” etc
Gallery – the product images with my own zoom/lightbox functionality
Thumbnails – the additional product images with the option to split and show in various positions on your pages
Add to Cart
Rating – star rating for the product you’re looking at
Reviews – a separate module if you don’t want the reviews to feature part of the tabs
Information Tab – a separate module if you don’t want the additional info tab to be part of the tabs
Tabs – the Woo tab system
Attribute – display a product attribute and it’s linked terms
Product Category
Meta – showing information such as sku and categories
General – old and largely unused but it’s a collection of the modules joined together.. such as title, price, add to cart and description.
Related Products
Cross Sells

Feature Modules

Single Product – a handy module to allow you to show a single product on any page on your site
Loop Archive – a revolutionary approach to layouts whereby two layouts are used, one for the archive itself and another to handle how each product item appears
Archive – a shop type module to give a basic list or grid of products to be used on simple stores
Category Archive – Want to show a grid of categories to navigate around your site.. this does that!

Every module have comprehensive control over styling such as padding, colours, alignment and specific settings for styling and module behaviour. For those times when you need more control each module has a unique CSS class and where possible we have included PHP actions/filters to enable you to ‘hook in’ and do your own thing.


Coming very soon (mid 2018) will be a gallery of layouts created using Woo Injector. This plugin was released and flourished from mid 2016. It was, and still is, revolutionary in the features and functionality on offer with new updates coming all the time. Keep an eye on the changelog on this page or within the plugin itself for more exciting additions to the plugin. The new layout library will be a site showing a number of product page and product archive layouts created using Woo Layout Injector with the option to download the JSON files for use on your own store. Watch this space!


Adding the new modules to a non WooCommerce page are unlikely to work. The modules are designed for use on a WooCommerce product page only via the Divi library. Please contact us if you are unsure about this or have a problem setting things up.

This plugin is designed to work with the vast majority of third party WooCommerce extensions. On occasion, third party plugins which also modify the product page may not be 100% compatible. Don’t worry though! Simply put in a support request with the vendor or Elegant Marketplace and we shall build in compatibility as soon as we are able.

Please be aware though that we comprehensively test Woo Layout Injector with a variety of popular WooCommerce plugins to ensure compatibility across the range.

We have an Excellent guide to setup and troubleshooting on the Elegant Marketplace blog. It will show you in comprehensive detail how to create a stunning store including single product pages, product archives and help you through some common questions and issues we hear about. Read the guide here

Support is provided free of charge for 6 months from the date of purchase and does not include amendments around third party plugin conflicts.  Each license version is subject to these terms. Single use – 1 instance on 1 site, 5 site license – 5 instances on 5 sites. Unlimited use license – unlimited instances on an annual basis. Unlimited site license with unlimited lifetime updates for the life of the product.
Each license automatically renews at the end of the year unless cancelled with the exception of Unlimited License with unlimited lifetime updates. The renewal price is set at 50% of the original. To cancel your subscription, simply login to your PayPal account and under subscription look for The EMP Group and cancel the package.