Apply to be a vendor on our WordPress Marketplace 

Why be a vendor on our Marketplace?

As the previous owner of a WordPress specific marketplace that served over 100,000 customers, we know what users and vendors want. 

MOJO Marketplace is closing down

This leaves a gap in the market to Vendors and Customers. Essentially, we aim to fill that gap for all. See  our Friend Devin Walker’s comments on this situation here

About The offer

We’re a group of dedicated professionals headed up by Andrew Palmer who thrive on helping you maximise your WordPress products potential. 

Our Vendor costs will be 20% of revenue generated after payment gateway costs. 
We understand your business, we understand your customers. 

We pay out on the 10th of each month via PayPal or Wise (transaction costs may apply) 

We also welcome Freemius Vendors and create payment links that go directly to Freemius for commission payouts. We do require a minimum 20% affiliate commission for this service. Fill in the form below with your reasons for being listed, links to your products and your agreement to our non exlusive vendor terms as above. We will alway get back to you on a successful application.