Search Layout Injector

Search Layout Injector is a WordPress Plugin built to design your search page layouts. Like various other Divi Plugins, you can design your layout in the Divi library and assign templates for your search pages. If you want your post search to look different from your product search then Search Layout Injector has got your back.

Follow the steps below to install the Search Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.

3. Activate your plugin and you are set to go.


Search Layout Injector Settings can be accessed from the Settings Section.
You can choose whether you want search type layout for posts, projects or pages and then assign template for the main search layout. And also assign different layout for posts and products if you wish to.


• Title. Adds the name of the post type item along with any meta information such as author, comment count, categories and the post date.

• Content. Shows the content from the post type item

• Featured Image. Self explanatory.

• Search Archive. This is much like the ‘blog’ module that comes with Divi/Extra but with a couple of neat additions. Post type selection, a List style layout and image size selection

• Search Loop Archive. This is a special module designed to use a layout within a layout. You simply create an archive layout and a loop item layout. The loop item can contain any other modules or layouts as you see fit and will be repeated for each item forming a neat archive page in any layout you like. As seen on my popular Woo Layout Injector plugin. Works brilliantly with my ACF plugin to show detailed information about your content.

• Search Form – to allow you to set a post type for the search with various styling options etc..

Main Search Layout

Design your layout using the various Search Injector Modules and see how it works.

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