Tab Manager For WooCommerce

Tab Manager for WooCommerce is a plugin designed to style products section and provide other additional information including descriptions, reviews, etc. Tab Manager allows you to play with the existing tabs and also create new ones as per your requirements.

Follow below the steps to install the Tab Manager for WooCommerce and get started:

  • Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Select Add New
  • Click Choose file and navigate to the plugin file on your computer and select it.
  • Click install and wait for the plugin to upload.
  • Click on Activate Plugin and you are set to go.
From the WooCommerce dropdown select Tab Manager for WooCommerce and the following dialog box appears :

Global Tabs

From the name itself we can get an idea that content of these tabs would be fixed for all products and cannot be edited as per product basis. Let us see how to add Global tabs:

Enter the name and save the tab. You will next see two tabs for your global tab settings: tab information & Tab Logic settings.

Tab Active –

The tab active toggle shows us the status of the tab. Once you finish setting up your tab you can switch it to green showing it’s active status.

Tab Title –

Tab title would refer to the title name that you have given while adding a new tab and thus it is auto generated but you can edit it from here if you desire.

Admin Label –

The Admin Label can be same as the title yet different in its role. It is more like an identity of the tab.

Sort Order –

The order of the tabs are specified using the Sort order and it works all across global tabs, per products and default tabs.

Tab Content –

Tab Content has the default WordPress editor interface and the content you enter here will be fixed and will be displayed everywhere this tab is active.

There is a Red Delete Tab Button Present through which you can delete the tab anytime you want.

Next, We have the Tab Logic Settings:

Show in these Categories –

Here you can specify categories where you want the tab to be displayed.

Everywhere except these Categories –

If you have a large number of categories and it is difficult to assign then you can also specify the categories you don’t want this tab to be displayed on.

Administrators Only –

If you switch the toggle button to blue, then only people who are logged in as administrators will be able to see the tab. This function is most likely to be used while setting up the website and not for visitor’s use.

Logged In Status –

This will specify Logged in Status; everyone will be showed to everyone. Logged in will be shown to visitors who are logged in as users and logged out to those who aren’t logged in.

Per Product Tabs

This feature allows you to add information on per product basis, while you add a new product or edit. Here we have 3 tabs in comparison to global tabs, tab information, Tab Logic Settings, Product Usage.

Let us first go through the tab information.

The functions of Tab Active, Tab Title, Sort Order remains same. Let’s discuss on Meta Key, Hide Tab and Manual Embedding.

Name/Meta Key –

This for internal use by WordPress and spaces and punctuations will be removed automatically.

Hide Tab –

This button is off by default and if you want this tab to be hidden from the Tab list and display somewhere else using a shortcode then turn it on.

Manual Embedding –

For advanced settings, you can use the shortcode given here in order to display the code somewhere else. Do not forget to turn on the Hide Tab before using this feature.

The Tab Logic Settings has Administrators Only and Logged in status which has been discussed in the Global Settings.
This will show you where the tab is being used. The view option will take you to the front end of the product and edit will allow you to make changes in the content.

Default Tabs

These default tabs are added with WooCommerce, any changes you want to make to these tabs will not be possible without Tab Manager for WooCommerce.

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