Taxonomy Layout Injector

Taxonomy is a combined term referred to Categories and Tags in WordPress similar to the other Divi Plugins, here also you can create templates using Divi Library and assign them. This plugin allows you to design your category/project archive pages and so much more. You can also style your author pages and make them look stand out.

Follow below the steps to install the CPT Layout Injector and get started:

1. Go to Plugins in the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Select Add New.
3. Click Choose file and navigate to the plugin file on your computer and select it.
4. Click install and wait for the plugin to upload.
To activate your license:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Select CPT Layout Injector.
3. Enter your license key.
4. Select Activate license.

Taxonomy Layout Injector is ready to use.

This is how the Taxonomy Plugin Settings looks like. You can assign templates from the dropdown for Category Archive Page, Date Archive and Author Page Layout and makes your work easy and faster.


Archive Basic –

Very much similar to the blog module, taxonomy archive (basic), You can choose the image size and also the type of layout you want for your page.

Taxonomy Title –

Self-explanatory term, it will display the Taxonomy title (category, project or tag).

Taxonomy Content –

The Content of your post or project would be displayed using this module.

Taxonomy Loop Archive –

This is a very useful module and creates archive pages and items and displays it in any form you want to be it grid or list.

Taxonomy Post Featured Image –

The Featured Image of your Taxonomy will be displayed using this.

Taxonomy Post Title-

The post title will be used for the title of the post, Project, tag.

Taxonomy Read More-

If you want to show a particular excerpt from your content, read more module is perfect.

Taxonomy User Avatar-

This module will take author avatar of the page, also has sizing and animation options.

Category Archive

Once you finish making your template go to Taxonomy Layout Injector Settings to assign it.

You can change Taxonomy Title Background Color and style it further. The archive page can have multiple columns and similarly you can build other archive pages and make your site look great.

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